September 23, 2023


Starting a blog is the best way to learn digital marketing and apply your learning. Blogging can also help you acquire new clients as a freelance digital marketer.

I have prepared a super-comprehensive guide on how to start a blog to learn digital marketing and SEO.

Here are simple steps to start a blog

  1. Decide your blogging topic or blog niche
  2. Do topic research and online research to find similar blogs
  3. Make a blog plan and content plan
  4. Start writing content for your posts
  5. Prepare content for about page
  6. Collect good images and photos to use on your blog
  7. Decide a theme for your blog
  8. Choose a domain name
  9. Buy Domain and Hosting – Ideally from the same company
  10. Setup your hosting
  11. Create your professional email address
  12. Install WordPress on your hosting
  13. Setup WordPress
  14. Upload logo
  15. Apply WordPress theme
  16. Install Essential Plugins
  17. Create Google Analytics Account
  18. Create Google Search Console
  19. Set up your blog with Google SiteKit
  20. Install SEO Plugin – Yoast or Rankmalth (Both are good. I use Yoast)
  21. Create your posts – Start adding content to your blog
  22. Create About Page, Terms and Privacy Policy
  23. Create a contact us or contact page
  24. Create Menu and link pages with menu
  25. Create social media accounts if required
  26. Add Newsletter subscriptions
  27. Configure email marketing for subscribers
  28. Optimize your blog posts for SEO – On-page SEO
  29. Start with Off-page SEO and link building
  30. Start promoting your blog
  31. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and also via Instagram Bio
  32. Use Twitter to promote your blog


Bhavesh Gudhka

Bhavesh Gudhka is an entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, trainer, author and founder of Optron Academy. Bhavesh has more than 12 years of experience in IT, Web Development, Digital Marketing & SEO.

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