September 24, 2023

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way of promoting business online using digital media and digital technologies. Digital marketing is an extension of online marketing & mobile marketing. 

In this digital marketing guide for beginners, we will learn everything about Digital Marketing and digital marketing concepts.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you think posting on social media and running PPC Ads is digital marketing then you are partially right.

Digital marketing is a term used for integrated online marketing where digital media and digital technologies are used for marketing purposes.

Basically, digital marketing is a concept of using various online marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media, Content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, mobile marketing and video marketing to drive traffic on websites, generate leads, sell products and increase brand engagement using digital devices and online platforms.

For example, you might have used what is digital marketing to find this blog post or you might have discovered this post via social media.

or you might have come to this blog via email or WhatsApp.

This is one simple example of digital marketing.

Why digital marketing is important in 2022?

As we move in 2022, digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing. In other words, digital marketing is becoming a new normal for marketing and advertising.

Small businesses and startups are now using digital marketing for brand awareness, lead generation and promotions. Most of them are new businesses or startups by individuals.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is easy to get started, requires limited investment and it’s more effective. These are the main reasons many brands are switching to digital marketing in India.

By the end of 2022, India will become

Changing Face of Digital Marketing

How to get started with Digital Marketing in 2022?

You can start with digital marketing by creating your digital presence.

Here is how you can get started

  1. Add your business to Google Maps (Google my Business)

How to learn Digital Marketing?

The best way to learn digital marketing is by joining digital marketing courses.

If you are a student and looking for the best digital marketing course for your career, you can consider Optron Academy digital marketing course for students and job seekers.

Apart from joining digital marketing courses, you can also start learning digital marketing by reading digital marketing blogs and watching some good digital marketing videos.

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