September 25, 2023

Top 28 Digital Marketing tools you must know

Social Media Marketing Tools:

  • BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help the user to find out what type of content is popular, trending, and in-demand which will help you prepare your content strategy accordingly. 

Through this tool, you will be able to keep track of your competitors on what they are doing, and what is working for them or not. 

Buzzsumo permits you to set up keyword alerts, so you’re updated when content is posted or updated. You’re able to know who posted and where, and this allows you to be able to know what your following step should be in respect to your promoting efforts.

You can access this tool by visiting


Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ads Library is a tool that can be used to search the ads which are running across Facebook. 

Ad Library can help you keep track of your competitors by checking out their ad creatives which can help you strategize your digital marketing accordingly.

You can view and use the Facebook Ad Library at


  • Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a popular tool of Facebook that will help you manage your business assets in one place. It will help you to manage multiple Facebook pages, business assets, ad accounts as well as Instagram account and product catalogs in one place. 

This digital marketing tool of Facebook will allow you to grant full or partial access to your employees or the users of your business assets based on their roles. This means you can securely give access to your employees and partners.

You can create a Business Manager Account or if you already have one, you can visit


  • Facebook Pixel

If you are promoting your business online, this tool is the must-have tool for every digital marketer to get the most out of your ads.

Facebook Pixel is a code that you can integrate into your website. This tool will collect data, track conversions from Facebook Ads, optimize your ads, build your target audience for your future ads, and the most important and interesting part of this marketing tool is that you can remarket, and retarget your audience who have already taken action on your website or your ads. 

You will be able to create your Facebook Pixel through your Facebook Business Manager by going to Events Manager and Connecting Data Sources.


  • Bitly

Bitly is a very useful URL shortening service that can help you shorten your long URLs through Bitly services.

Bitly links come with their analytical tool to measure the data of the links which you created. The data will help you analyze how many people clicked on your links, where did the click come from, the location, and the source of traffic.

Bitly is a free service for individual users who need to share up to 5,000 links, send up to 500 branded links per month, and need 30 days of analytics. For small companies, the price is $495 a month. This rate includes up to shortened 20,000 links, unlimited branded links, 90 days of analytics, and email support.

You can create your Bitly link by visiting


Search Engine Optimisation Tools:

  • Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free online tool that allows you to generate keyword ideas and analytics which can help improve and expand your content marketing strategy. 

This tool will help you whether you write blogs, articles, website content, and keywords for your ad, UberSuggest has you all covered. 

Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

You can access this tool by visiting:

  • Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that will provide you with data and the popularity of specific search terms which are used on Google and YouTube.

It will help you identify what is recently trending on Google search and Google’s partner platforms. 

If you are a blogger or content writer or an SEO Specialist it will help you identify the trending topics and subtopics from within the industry or outside the industry. It will also help you in discovering geographic search trends which are local to your area.

Check out google trends on

  • Semrush

SemRush is a multi-purpose digital marketing tool used for competition research, keyword research, SEO, Rank tracking, and also for generating reports.

It’s one of the most popular SEO tools used by all popular digital marketers and SEO professionals. SemRush offers features like SEO AuditKeyword researchCompetition researchPosition trackingReport generation, and much more analytical data that you can think of.

SemRush provides you to create one project for FREE with some of the basic features available. If you need more data and more projects to analyze you can upgrade your SemRush account. You can check their plans and pricing for more details.

To get started, you can visit and start creating your first project.


  • Ahrefs



  • Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a free tool that helps us measure a site’s traffic, keyword performance, fix issues related to your website. 

Search Console helps you in finding out how is your website performing in organic search as well as ways to make adjustments to the site in the Google index. 

This is a must-have tool for everyone who has a website and wants to grow their organic traffic and ranking in search engines which can boost your ranking and website performance.

You can use this tool and integrate your website by visiting


Keyword Research Tools:

  • is one of the popular digital marketing tools for keyword research and generating new keyword ideas for your ad campaigns and content writing for your blogs, articles, website content, etc.

From this tool, you will be able to discover long-tail keywords, keyword stats, more keyword suggestions. The FREE version of will extract the keywords through Google Suggest.

You can explore the free version of this tool by visiting


  • Google’s Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a tool that can help you find out the best-performing keywords for your ad campaigns. This tool will help you analyze different keywords and will provide you with better alternatives of keywords for your business, products, and services which you can target in your ad campaigns. 

To access Keyword Planner, you need to have a Google Ads account. You will be able to access the tool from Tools and Settings >> Keywords Planner

You can visit and login into your account and explore the keyword planner tool.


  • Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is also one of the better alternatives of keyword research tools available online. The tool will help us to generate multiple keywords with their analytical data like search volume, suggestions, keyword analysis, and more.

There are many tools available for keywords research online, but these are the best tools available and used by every digital marketer for researching the keywords for their ads, business, services, content writing.

You will be able to access this tool by visiting

Graphics Design Tools:

  • Canva

Canva is one of the best online graphics designing tools available. You don’t need to have any experience in Photoshop or any other graphic design software. 

Canva is a drag and drops designing tool that will help you design creatives for your ads, social media, and other activities. 

There are so many templates available for free through which you edit and create templates for your business. 

You can start creating your templates by visiting

  • Bannersnack (Creepy)

Bannersnack is the other alternative of Canva. Bannersnack is now also called Creepy. You can design your ad creatives, social media posts on Bannersnack. This digital marketing tool is not fully free, there are many templates for which you need to pay or you need to upgrade your plan.

This is also a drag and drop tool through which you can create your creatives, graphics for your ads, and social media posts. There are a few limitations of this digital marketing tool like you can create only 10 creatives per account.

  • Snappa

Snappa is another digital marketing tool that will help you in creating creatives for your social media page and paid advertising. Though there are limitations to this tool, there are so many templates that are available for free.

The premium plans start from $15.00/per month.

  • Design Wizard

Web Designing Tools:

  • Elementor



  • WordPress



  • WIX 



  • Visual Composer



Email Marketing Tools:

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that is designed to automate your email campaigns and send reminder emails to your audience who have subscribed or enquired on your website.

Mailchimp is available with a wide range of integrations. You will be able to track and analyze your email campaigns like who opened your email, who clicked on your link, the emails bounced and did not reach you, and many more analytical data. 

You can signup with Mailchimp or If you already have an account you can sign in by visiting


  • Mailerite
  • Drip campaigns
  • Send in Blue


Optimization Tools:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that can be used to analyze your website’s traffic. If you are a digital marketer you need to have some basic knowledge and skills of Google Analytics which can help you get analytical skills and data.

Google Analytics is a free tool that can be used to analyze the traffic coming to your website. At its most basic level, Google Analytics can show you who is coming to your website, from where, and on which pages they’re spending most of their time.

Beyond that, you can set up goals to track conversions, build an enhanced e-commerce setup, and track events to learn more about user engagement.

You can create your free account by visiting


  • Google Page Insights
  • GT Matrix


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