September 20, 2021

Facebook Ads Part 2

Facebook Ads 2020 – The Complete Guide for Beginners

Facebook is the best

Facebook is one of the top social media network sites which has over 700 million active users worldwide and users are spending countless hours in it.

So obviously, It is one of the most prominent online platforms to engage with global audiences instantly. Facebook, Not only helps to connect with friends and family, but it has also become increasingly important for businesses and individuals. It is one of the most reliable sources to know more about the organization, business product/services, world events, and more.

With Facebook ads, you can target audiences who do not follow your business page, target demographics, and interest to grab the most valuable potential audience for your business.

Before getting started to practice facebook ads, It’ highly important to know about the different options of Facebook ads and how to apply that to your ad campaign to achieve the best results.

In this guide, You can learn everything about how to create your first Facebook ad campaign and how to gain maximum ROI from your Facebook ads spends with the best facebook marketing strategies.

Types of Facebook ads:

Facebook offers different ad formats to tell your business story in front of the audience to reach out delightfully. Let’s dive in to learn more about in detail.

Image: Present your business with a simple, clean image format to the audiences. With a high-quality visual image, you can drive them to your website or mobile application.

Video: Video has the power to grab the audience’s attention easily. Make a video with sound and motion about your business, product demo, teammates. Your video ads will run in newsfeed, stories, in-stream ads in longer videos.

Collection: This ad type helps in instant shopping. It displays a collection of the product from your business catalog on mobile devices that the audience can buy it easily.

Carousel: Here, In this ad type we can add up to 10 images or videos about your business product/services in a single ad. Add an individual link to each image/video. It’s highly suitable for e-commerce business.

Slideshow: Slideshow ads are like video-ads that can be created with images, text, and sounds. Express your business story to the audience in eye-catchy slideshow ads.

Instant Experience: It is named as canvas. This ad type offers a full-screen mobile-optimize ad type instantly which loads 15 times faster than mobile websites.

Lead Generation ads: Lead ad type presented in the form of image, video, carousel or lead form. Lead generation ad type on Facebook and Instagram to gather audience contact information who are interested in your business product/services.

Dynamic ads: It’s one of the most effective marketing strategy to promote your business to the audience who likes it. For instance, In the e-commerce website, you have added 2 products in the add-to-cart but you didn’t check-out. When you’re in the facebook, dynamic ads with those similar products will be shown there and nudges you to buy that product.

Messenger ads: You can also showcase your ad on the messenger app but you have to pick facebook feed ad when creating an ad on facebook ads manager. The ad can be shown in the form of image, video, carousel and dynamic on the messenger app.

Stories ads: Stories ads displayed in full vertical screen. So, Make the audience to deeply involve your content with the best stories of your business.

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Why is Facebook so good for advertising?

One of the unique things about Facebook is that apart from creating your profile on it, you can also use that profile to create your own page. Only when you have a Facebook page you will be able to advertise to the fullest capabilities offered by the platform. The page can represent your business, organization or anything else.


Through this page, you share relevant content and include all of the information about your services, products, brand, etc. It can be a reliable information hub where people can learn everything about who and what you are. On top of that, there are various Facebook add-ons that can turn your page into an e-commerce store.

You can represent your organization in the best way possible and give your audience all the information they need. On Facebook, you have the option of directing all of your marketing efforts towards your page and this is why you can get comprehensive marketing results that you’ll truly feel and notice. So, let’s see all of the reasons why you should advertise on Facebook:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It allows you to target specific groups of people
  • You can focus all of your advertising on one brand/page
  • It’s the most popular social media network
  • It offers a lot of different advertising methods
  • Its structure is suitable for advertising
  • It’s simple to use