September 18, 2021

Facebook Creator Studio: Free tool to manage Facebook and Instagram

Posting on Instagram and Facebook helps you stay in touch with your audience and followers. But the biggest challenge for markers it to managing content, scheduling content, and maintaining consistency.

Now say goodbye to those expensive social media tools for managing Facebook and Instagram posting.

Facebook has launched Facebook creator studio, a free tool for managing Facebook and Instagram content for marketers and content creators.

Key features and benefits of Facebook creator studio

  1. Ease of Management of Facebook pages and Instagram Account
  2. Accessing all the features of Facebook pages and Instagram account
  3. It provides more features than the direct use of Facebook Pages or Instagram Accounts
  4. You can create pages and management of roles from the creator studio
  5. You can switch between Facebook pages and across Facebook Page with Instagram accounts directly from the creator studio

How to use Facebook Creative Studio?

Login to to get started with Facebook creator



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