September 15, 2021

How to use Facebook Ads for Business?

Facebook ads can be used for a variety of marketing goals: to get more visitors to your site, to drive sales, to get social posts in front of more people, to retarget people who’ve previously visited your website or to gain likes for your business page (among other options).

A good thing about Facebook advertising is you can set your own budget. Compared to newspaper or TV ad or any other advertising platform, you don’t have control on A great thing about FB advertising is you can set a daily budget, whether it’s $1.00 a day or $100 a day (or more) that ensures you never spend more than you can afford. And that ensures you can test your marketing out before you start pouring money into it.


f you’re just getting started with Facebook ads, then it’s best to keep this simple and focus on one of two kinds of campaigns: Traffic (to send people to your site) or Engagement (to gain FB page likes).


Don’t expect best results from the day one.


Some Basic Tips To Remember When Creating Facebook Ads


  • No more than 1-2 sentences per paragraph
  • Include link before the “view more” first 2 sentences.
  • Use emojis
  • Include a CTA (tell them what you want them to do) Share, Like, Comment
  • Click image ad size (1200×628)
  • Use lifestyle + Product (make product the focal point)
  • Test 2-3 images per persona angle
  • Use brigher colors and images
  • Need to stop someone from scrolling (shock, fear or awwww factor)
  • Keep text under 20% of the image
  • Use square images for slideshows
Carousel / Slideshows:
  • Up to 8 images
  • Have similar styling on images
  • Use each frame to explain a step
  • Have a progression of a story
  • Use subtitles
  • Start holding image needs to be scroll stopping
  • Variations (15sec, 30sec, 60sec) try and make 30 sec the most common
  • Get your story, message, and CTA across in that 30 sec

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