September 14, 2021

Linkedin Launches Stories in the United States, Canada & 5 more countries

LinkedIn stories were under development for quite some time. LinkedIn officially rolled out LinkedIn Stories to the United States and Canadian Users. Let’s see how does LinkedIn stories works.

The ‘Stories’ feature of LinkedIn lets you do the following things-
Allows members to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long, which will be visible on their profiles for 24 hours. The stories will also be available to your connections and followers with Stories access, and only they can watch and message you directly about your Stories.

After posting a story, you can receive messages from your first-degree connections.

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Stories

Check out some helpful guidelines to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Stories-

  1. Post content grounded in a relevant, professional context
  2. Create content around constructive, educational opportunities
  3. Include authentic representations of everyday professional moments
  4. Post conversation starters for the latest professional news and topics

DO NOT Do These Things When Sharing a Story on LinkedIn!

Before publishing a story, check out for these red flags-

  • Don’t be overly personal or post private moments
  • Don’t post inappropriate content that may jeopardize career prospects
  • Don’t post about opportunities to spam personal products or services 

How To Create a LinkedIn Story!

After reading all the disclaimers and benefits of the new feature or your career, let us see how to post a story on LinkedIn.

  1. In the top left corner of the LinkedIn homepage, you will see an entry circle sign with a plus (+) sign, which takes you to the Stories camera.
  2. Tap the circle first (your profile picture).
  3. In the center bottom of the screen, you’ll see the main button to capture real-time pictures and videos (tap to take a picture and hold to record a video; release the button when the video is finished). With the let button, you can add pictures and videos from your mobile gallery. The maximum video length is 20 seconds.
  4. You can add inventive stickers and text to provide viewers with additional context. You can choose from customized, thematic stickers related to the working day.
  5. Once your story is ready, simply tap in the right bottom ‘Share Story’.
  6. For multiple stories, press the plus icon on the top left or bottom right corner once you go into your Story.

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