February 22, 2024

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses online

If you are a busy person or working for some company, you can still learn digital marketing online from various online digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques used by small, medium, and even big companies that are investing in digital marketing to acquire new customers, generate leads and grow their business.

This is the right time to choose digital marketing as a career and become a digital marketing expert by learning digital marketing.

How to learn digital marketing?

There are many ways you can learn digital marketing including online digital marketing courses.

If you search on the internet, you will find hundreds of online and offline digital marketing courses. Some are free courses while some are paid courses.

Depending on your requirement, career goal, or business goals, you can choose the best digital marketing course.

In this post, I am going to share some of the best online digital marketing courses in India. The list includes both paid and free online digital marketing courses with certificates.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Free online course by Google)
  2. Digital Marketing Foundation course by Optron Academy (Free & Paid)
  3. 3 Months online digital marketing course with certification (Paid)
  4. Online Digital marketing courses by Upgrade (Paid)
  5. Online Digital Marketing courses by Udemy
  6. Online digital marketing courses by Simplilearn
  7. Udacity Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)
  8. Digital Marketing course by SemRush academy (Online, Free with certification)
  9. Hubspot online course (Free with certification)
  10. Digital marketing courses by Optron Academy – (Online Live classes)

digital marketing courses

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course by Google

It’s free online digital marketing course by Google. This Fundamentals of digital marketing course is one of the best way to start learning digital marketing basics. This digital marketing course by Google is series of pre-recorded videos.

Topics covered in Online Digital Marketing course by Google:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (includes a digital marketing certification)
  • How to start an online business
  • How to make sure customers find you online
  • How to promote a business with online advertising (Google Ads)
  • How to expand a business to other countries
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Promote a business with content marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • YouTube Course (Includes certification)

The digital marketing fundamentals certification is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

Why take the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course by Google?

  • It’s a free and online video course which you can take at anytime
  • This course is most suitable for beginners
  • The course includes the basics of digital marketing and how different components work together

Why you should not take this course?

  • Digital marketing fundamentals course by Google is just a theory and it’s very basic
  • If you are planning to build your career in digital marketing and need advanced level knowledge then this course is not for you
  • If you already know the basics of digital marketing and various components of digital marketing then you can skip this course
  • This course provided only basic knowledge of SEO while you will need in-depth knowledge if you want to become a digital marketing expert


If you are just looking for basic knowledge then the digital marketing fundamentals course is good for you. If you are looking for more details and ready to learn complete digital marketing then you can consider live online courses or classroom training by a good digital marketing institute.

2. Digital Marketing Foundation Course by Optron Academy

Optron academy is one of the most popular digital marketing training institutes with the main office in Mumbai. Optron academy provides classroom training and online digital marketing courses in India. At Optron academy you can choose various digital marketing courses based on your career and business goals.



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