September 14, 2021

Difference between SEO and Digital Marketing?

I was searching on Google for some information and saw one question on Qura about difference between Digital Marketing and SEO.

I realised many people are still confused between many digital marketing terms and they really don’t know difference between SEO and Digital marketing. Which inspired me to

What is differnce between SEO and Digital Marketing?

SEO and Digital marketing are two different things but they can work together. Basically SEO is part of digital marketing. To explain difference between SEO and Digital marketing, you will have to understand digital marketing and SEO both and role of SEO in digital marketing.

Basically digital marketing is an umbrella term used for the combination of online marketing and Internet marketing techniques. Digital marketing is a concept of using SEO, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, blogging, PPC ads, digital advertising together to achieve marketing objectives,

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