An Introduction to Google Ads

Google ads is one of the most important modules of any digital marketing course. I would recommend you to read this Google ads tutorial and introduction completely and make notes of important points to learn Google ads.

In this lesson, we will learn about Google ads and the benefits of Google Ads.

Google Ads was known as Google AdWords previously.

Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective online advertising platforms by Google. Google Ads allows advertisers to advertise or promote their business online. 

Before you start with Google Ads, you must understand how Google Ads works and different types of ads, campaigns and campaigns based on business objectives.

Key Highlights of Google Ads.

  1. Google ads work on PPC ads concept. Where advertisers will pay to Google when visitors click on their ads. 
  2. PPC is known as Pay per click
  3. For search ads, advertisers will only pay for clicks and not for impressions.
  4. For Display ads and video ads, we can pay for Impressions or video views also. 
  5. We can control how we pay for performance by selecting bidding strategy. 
  6. In Google Ads, you have options to choose your budget, duration, and location where you want to show your ads. 
  7. You can also pause or resume your ads as per your requirements.
  8. Google Ads are organized in Campaigns and Ad Groups. 
  9. Before you run Google ads, you need to understand their terms and conditions, you need to first read all their terms and policies before running Google Ads.
  10. You can promote all kinds of business using Google Ads, you are not allowed to promote some kinds of ads using the Google platform. 
  11. Access Google Teams and Policies here 

https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6008942?hl=en – Google Ads Policies

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform developed by Google. “Google ads” is used by advertisers to show search ads on Google search result page, display ads on various blogs and websites, video ads on YouTube, and other supported platforms.

How does Google Ads Work?

Google ads is one of the most complex advertising platforms. To understand how does Google Ads work, you must will have to understand complete digital advertising basics, bidding and auction system and many other important terms.

But in the nutshell,

Google Ads works on auction & bidding. When someone performs a search on Google, the auction takes place and ads with the right keywords are shown to users. When a user clicks on the ad, money is deducted from the advertiser’s budget.

To understand how does Google Ads work, let me give you one example.

If you want to show your ad about 1BHK flats, you would create an ad in Google ads. When someone will search for your target keywords, Google may show your ad to them and if someone clicks on our ad, money will be deducted from your budget.

This was an example of how Google Search Ads work.

You will learn more about how Google Ads actually works and how to use Google Ads when you will do the practical implementation of Google Ads.

How to start Google Ads?

To start running ads on Google, you will need a Google Ads account, a website or a landing page on the website, Google Analytics setup.

You can create Google Ads account for free. If you have a Gmail ID, you can use your existing Google account to create a Google ads account.

You may want to create a new Google Account or Gmail ID if you don’t want to mix Google ads with your personal email address.

It’s always recommended to create a new Google ID for your digital marketing activities.  You will learn this in our digital marketing best practices session of digital marketing course.

You can follow step by step process to create new Google Ads account as mentioned in this video

Once you are done with Google Ads account creation, you will need to set up a payment method.
this is known as payment setup in Google Ads

Different types of payment methods in Google Ads (Google AdWords)

Google Ads supports different types of payment methods, depending on counties. In India, you can make payments using two ways.

  1. Automatic Method – This can be done by credit card. Google will charge your credit card every month or depending on your payment cycle.
  2. Manual Method – In this method, you will first make a payment to Google and then your ads will start. Ads will not run until payment is made. You can use credit card, debit card, bank transfer and other supported methods to make payments to Google.