September 13, 2021

Google Analytics For beginner’s Level

Google Analytics offer to  you use the free tools to analyze information for your business in one place, so that you can make smarter selection.
Google Analytics for Beginners


One of the most Popular Google Analytics is making for website growth (for ex. Increased traffic, engagement or conversions), With helping we check & measure how many people reach your website. Basically used in SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Content.

Here is we given you detailed information about what is Google Analytics ?
Introduction :-

This is origin from web analytics firm called Urchin which was taken by google in Nov 2005 is a advance level 100% free tool and easy to learn how to use. it’s making for Beginner blogger & website creators giving powerful & Systematic information how develop your website.

They gives best results as per :-

  • Number of visitors to your website
  • NO. of visitor who only view your page
  • No. of Pages Views with highest bonus rate
  • How long visitor stays on the site
  • Conversion Measurement, etc.

You can review these reports by language, location, age group,etc. to understand your audience.Then use this information to make improvements to your website for better Performance.

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