February 22, 2024

WordPress Tutorials for Beginners -What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful platform for building websites, blogs and applications. It’s versatile, flexible and very easy to use. Let’s explore more about wordPress and how to use WordPress for digital marketing.

WordPress can be used for creating websites without coding. You can use tools like Elementor and Divi for creating webpages and plugins like WooCommerce to build an ecommerce website or an online store.

Since wordPress is free, it’s one of the most popular paltforms for making websites of all kinds.

Now let’s get started with our WordPress tutorial.

WordPress Tutorial overview

This WordPress tutorial for beginners helps you learn WordPress and how to create a website and blog using WordPress. This tutorial is divided into multiple sections to help you learn more effectively and jump to a specific topic.

Topics Covered in this WordPress tutorial for beginners

  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org
  3. Hosted WordPress Vs. Self hosted WordPress
  4. Installing WordPress on shared hosting
  5. Installing theme, plugins and configuring wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform developed using PHP and MySQL. WordPress is mainly used for building websites and blogs. WordPress can be used for managing content on a website or a blog without doing or knowing programming or coding.

WordPress was created as a standalone project all the way back in 2003.  Since then, WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for blogging and now WordPress is also used for building websites.

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little. Since then WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for creating blogs and websites.

WordPress is available in two variants – WordPress.com and WordPress.org

  • WordPress.org, often called¬†self-hosted WordPress, is the free, open-source WordPress software that you can install on your own server or web hosting to build a website and blog.
  • WordPress.com is paid service that is powered by the WordPress.org software. WordPress.com has many limitations compared to WordPress.org.

Key Features of WordPress

As I mentioned above WordPress is a FREE and Open-Source platform, it has many features and benefits.

  • WordPress is free. You don’t need to pay for it
  • WordPress is SEO friendly
  • WordPress can build mobile-friendly websites
  • WordPress is secure and stable
  • WordPress can handle heavy traffic
  • High-performance and scalable
  • WordPress easy to learn and manage

What kind of websites can be made using WordPress?

WordPress is versatile and scalable, WordPress can be used to make various types of websites. Basically, WordPress was developed to create blogs in the early days. Due to the availability of various plugins, WordPress can be used for creating almost any type of Website.

WordPress can be used for:

  • Business websites
  • Single-page websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • E-Commerce websites
  • E-Learning websites
  • Product compare websites
  • Forums and CRM
  • Travel portals websites
  • Landing pages and sales pages
  • Micro-sites

Here are key features and benefits of WordPress:

  1. WordPress is free, Open source software that can be used for free.
  2. WordPress is developed and managed by the WordPress developers community
  3. WordPress can be used for making websites, blogs and even you can make an eCommerce website using WordPress
  4. WordPress is very easy to learn and setup
  5. Almost every hosting company provides WordPress as part of their hosting plan

If you want to use WordPress for your personal website, business website, or even for making an e-commerce website, you can use WordPress for free. You may have to pay for some paid themes and plugins.



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